Chevrolet — Electric vehicles

Commonwealth McCann and Chevy came to VICE late in Summer 2022 in need of an ad for their newly announced electric vehicles. Chevy wanted everyone to know about their expanding and sustainable EV fleet. We immediately knew we wanted to harness authentic moments and the feeling of singing along to a catchy song in a car. The song “Everywhere” written by Christie McVie of Fleetwood Mac ended up being a catchy song that paired perfectly with Chevy’s new EVs and our casted communities.

The commercial received plenty of media support through the Fall of 2022 and the video helped the Bolt EV/EUV sales reach an all-time high in first quarter of 2023. As for the song, the commercial also boosted “Everywhere” to number 3 on iTunes after the ad aired as well as jumping back on the Billboard charts and cemented it one of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular songs on Spotify.

+ Made with the team at Virtue
GCD: Heather McTavish / CD: Kyle Lynah / ACD Copy: Will Stallmeyer / ACD Art: Joe Ferarro / Designer: Sarah May / Executive Producer: Ken Kitch / Director: Truman & Cooper / DP: Pat Scola / Production Company: Canada / Editor: Eddie Ringer / Still Photography: Mey Bulucek and many others.