HBO Max Pa’lante              

HBO Max worked with VIRTUE to develop the visual identity and unveil the new brand initiative for Latine audiences. Pa’lante! was created for sharing new voices and driving awareness to culturally relevant programming across HBO Max. With the help of HBO talent we launched by showcasing Latine storytelling across film, music, comedy and beyond.

Pa’lante! Pa’Mí — Content Series

We created video content that invites HBO Max talent to share their personal articulations of what “Pa'lante!" means to them. Used across social channels, individual's articulations of “Pa’lante!" give us beautiful insight into meanings and motivations of some of our favorite entertainers and excite and inform audiences.

Pa’lante! Tapiz

For the launch on social, we developed a short, animated film created by a group of talented Latine animators (Katty Huertas, Caro Lopez Corominas, Daniel Moreno, COVL.) A tapestry that unites four different voices into one cohesive story. The animations are natural and human with a hand crafted feel. Our animators drew on the many different visual aesthetics of Latin art and design. The creations are lush and energetic and span the breadth of hues found throughout all of the US, resulting in an exquisite collage of colorful animation.

+ Made with the team at Virtue
↳ PA’LANTE! IDENT // GCD: Tyler Pierce / CD: Lauren Kusmierczak / ACD: Kyle Lynah / Design Director: Nicholas Jackson / Sr. Designer: Paul Aboodand many others.

↳ PA’MÍ // GCD: Tyler Pierce / CD: Lauren Kusmierczak, Ana Gonzalez / ACD: Kyle Lynah Copywriter: Philip Braun, Charlie Angulo, Eduardo Haces / Art Director: Fernando Ramírez / Producer: Ken Kitch / Director: Kacho López Mari / Editor: Margarida Lucas / Animation: Basa Studio and many others.

↳ TAPIZ SOCIAL // GCD: Tyler Pierce / CD: Lauren Kusmierczak / ACD: Kyle Lynah / Copywriter: Philip Braun / Editor:Daniel Moreno / Animators: Katty Huertas, Caro Lopez Corominas, Daniel Moreno, COVL / Producer: Jenn Gore / Sound Design: Sound Lounge and many others.