Logitech — Defy Logic              

Logitech turned to Virtue to amplify their Defy Logic platform aimed at creator communities. “Defy Logic” celebrates and empowers those uniting under a common philosophy of challenging the status quo, rewriting the new logic of tomorrow, and in turn Defying Logic.

We placed the spotlight on seven “Logicians” from different backgrounds who each personify Defy Logic. These protagonists each use Logitech tools and technology in their own ventures and to connect with their rising communities. Representing the next generation pushing culture forward, our 2022 protagonists included Lizzo, Bretman Rock, Danucd, DJ Dave, Defaced, Elsa Majimbo, Kheris Rogers.

Working with our Logicians, photographer Joshua Kissi and director-duo We Are From LA, we created photo and video content showing how people succeeding on their own terms. We created stills and videos for Logitech social and our Logicians’ personal channels. Showing how Logitech powers and empowers communities around the web with the tools to thrive.

Additionally, we looked to evolve Logitech’s visual elements as well as typography to add emphasis and reflect an evolving view of the world. We created an Escher-inspired weight of Logitech’s brand typeface Brown. Working with Lineto we designed the custom type showing multiple perspectives of each letterform much like the famous “Impossible Objects.”

ECD: Chris Garbutt / GCD: Heather McTavish / CD: Kyle Lynah / ACD: Stefanie Gomez / Copywriters: Will Stallmeyer, Shakyra Moore / Art Director: Joe Ferraro / Design: Sarah May, Mel Hayes / Producers: Ken Kitch, Julie Vosburgh / Director: We Are From LA / Production Company: Iconoclast / Editor: Leo Scott @ Cartel and many others.

Logitech — Allyson Felix

Allyson is a decorated track and field sprinter, an entrepreneur, a mother, an advocate for mothers on and off the track, a five-time recipient of the Jesse Owens Award, a record-setting winner of 11 Olympic medals. She’s started a shoe brand made designed by women for women called Saysh and she is also the embodiment of the Logitech’s Defy Logic ethos. She has turned old logic on its head and carved her own path in the world, all while empowering others to do the same for themselves.

Along with the ad running during the Tokyo Summer Olympics, we created a short 2 min documentary all about Saysh’s story with Logitech’s support and partnership for Vice.com.

+ Made with the team at Virtue
CD: Heather McTavish / ACD/Art: Kyle Lynah / Copywriter: Will Stallmeyer, Heather McTavish / Art Director: Joe Ferarro / Designer: Mel Hayes / Producer: Ken Kitch / Director: Bianca Poletti / DP: Corey C. Waters / EP: Jackie Calleiro / Production Company: Epoch Films / Editor: Nina Sacharow and many others.

Pa’lante! HBO Max             

HBO Max worked with VIRTUE to develop the visual identity and unveil the new brand initiative for Latine audiences. Pa’lante! was created for sharing new voices and driving awareness to culturally relevant programming across HBO Max. With the help of HBO talent we launched by showcasing Latine storytelling across film, music, comedy and beyond.

Pa’lante! Pa’Mí — Content Series

We created video content that invites HBO Max talent to share their personal articulations of what “Pa'lante!" means to them. Used across social channels, individual's articulations of “Pa’lante!" give us beautiful insight into meanings and motivations of some of our favorite entertainers and excite and inform audiences.

Pa’lante! Tapiz

For the launch on social, we developed a short, animated film created by a group of talented Latine animators (Katty Huertas, Caro Lopez Corominas, Daniel Moreno, COVL.) A tapestry that unites four different voices into one cohesive story. The animations are natural and human with a hand crafted feel. Our animators drew on the many different visual aesthetics of Latin art and design. The creations are lush and energetic and span the breadth of hues found throughout all of the US, resulting in an exquisite collage of colorful animation.

+ Made with the team at Virtue
↳ PA’LANTE! IDENT // GCD: Tyler Pierce, Jorge Ortega / CD: Lauren Kusmierczak / ACD: Kyle Lynah / Design Director: Nicholas Jackson / Sr. Designer: Paul Abood and many others.

↳ PA’MÍ // GCD: Tyler Pierce, Jorge Ortega / CD: Lauren Kusmierczak, Ana Gonzalez / ACD: Kyle Lynah Copywriter: Philip Braun, Charlie Angulo, Eduardo Haces / Art Director: Fernando Ramírez / Producer: Ken Kitch / Director: Kacho López Mari / Editor: Margarida Lucas / Animation: Basa Studio and many others.

↳ TAPIZ SOCIAL // GCD: Tyler Pierce, Jorge Ortega / CD: Lauren Kusmierczak / ACD: Kyle Lynah / Copywriter: Philip Braun / Editor:Daniel Moreno / Animators: Katty Huertas, Caro Lopez Corominas, Daniel Moreno, COVL / Producer: Jenn Gore / Sound Design: Sound Lounge and many others.

Google Chrome              

In the decade since Chrome was born, the internet’s changed a lot and so has the world. Google came to us for their first campaign in eight years and we launched a campaign called Don’t Be A Browser. An anthem for the web to stop scrolling and browsing and instead harness the power of Chrome to do more in their world. I helped lead creative development as well as art direction and executed the idea across videos and social.

+ Made with the team at Virtue

ECD: Trent Rohner / CD: Andy Verderosa, Kyle Lynah  / Creatives: Madeline Leary, Jenn Hubbard, Jackie Saldano, Mary-Grace Moseley / Design: Jess Saesue / Producer: Jenn Gore  / Director: The Malloys / VFX: Framestore / Editor: Gary Knight and many others.

Jergens Skincare             

With the first iteration of the Jergens campaign, we sent Leslie Mann on a mission to help others know more about Jergens skin care. Leslie was the perfect spokesperson for a new message about helping take better care of your skin all told in some unconventional ways. We followed up our initial campaign with a larger brand platform and introduced Leslie’s daughter Maude to the Jergens family. 

For summer, we looked to use prime tanning season as the perfect time to share a better way to get sun-kissed color. We created TV & online content for Natural Glow moisturizers that created a little sunshine all on its own.

+ Made with the team at Arnold
ECD: Kate Murphy / CD: Chris Chao, Katie Young  / Sr. AD: Kyle Lynah / Copywriter: Laura Linthicum / Producer: Katie Olsen / Director: Bryan Buckley / CGI: Picture Production Company London / Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo and many others.