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Lead With Indeed              

Indeed came to VIRTUE for the launch of a new digital experience for recruiting professionals and executives. Lead with Indeed was created with the Indeed in-house brand team and FANTASY provided UX and digital design on the new platform. Together, we defined a new resource for the world of work that focused on recruiting and original content that elevates the field and highlights the pivotal role recruiters can play in the world at large. Virtue developed the content strategy and created a dozen pieces of content that aims to help individuals to reach their full potential. We found and shared stories from the field and developed content that helps recruiters stay at the top of their game. Original content took form in short documentary stories, a podcast series and educational tools for recruiters. ︎︎︎

Hard Shoes To Fill                   

Recruiting rockstars from around the country find the folks needed to make the working world work. We made 4 profiles of the recruiters who fill tough positions. From sourcing scientists for meat alternatives to securing Santas for the holidays, each episode showcases unique uses of classic recruiter skills.

Behind The Talent                   

We also launched a new podcast, Behind the Talent hosted by leadership teacher David Mead. David talked to those responsible for finding game-changing talent, from entertainment, to the government's most covert agency. He sat down with some of the top talent finders in the country who have helped revamp the industry they work in.

+ Made with the team at Virtue
GCD: Tyler Pierce / CD: Tim Harrington / ACD Art: Kyle Lynah / ACD Copy: Andrew Spada / Art Director: Isha Batti / Designer: Jenn Flores / Copywriter: Kyle Heiner / Producer: Ken Kitch / Editors: Crandall Miller, Nate Katz, Whitehouse Post / Animation: Carbon / Digital Visual Design: Andy Edwards, Fantasy Interactive and many others.