Poppi — Prebiotic Soda

“The Future of Soda is Now” is the debut anthem film made with VIRTUE and poppi. It celebrates a new era for soda, emphasizing Poppi’s commitment to being a healthier alternative with prebiotics, low sugar, and no artificial ingredients. The nostalgic sounds of the 80s synth bop “Only You” by Yaz heightened the anthem’s appeal, perfectly capturing the brand’s essence.

+ Made with the team at VIRTUE
ECD: Heather McTavish / CD Design: Kyle Lynah / ACD Copy: Will Stallmeyer / ACD Art: Joe Ferarro / Executive Producer: Kara Bello / Director: Agostina Galvez / Production Company: Radical / Post: Whitehouse & Carbon / Editor: Sam Puglise-Kipley / Asst. Editor/VO: Cailin Curry and many others.